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Rattled – get your copy now!

Parenthood brings sleepless nights, tears and tantrums, nappy changes from hell, and the firm belief that you’re Cameron Diaz … wait, what?! New mum, Jen Wight, definitely wasn’t expecting that. But after her son was born, her worldview shifted in strange and unexpected ways. Within weeks, Jen found herself living a very different life – working […]

“Most of the basic material a writer works with is acquired before the age of fifteen.” ― Willa Cather

A few months ago I had the wonderful task of being a judge on the Written Portraits writing competition for thirteen to eighteen year olds. This week I’m going to the launch of the book of the winners. I can’t wait to see who has been chosen. I have my favourite. Fingers crossed for her. […]

The Hardest Year

The Hardest Year is the story of one of the roughest introductions to motherhood you can imagine. Jen Wight breaks the taboo around mental ill health to honestly recount her experience of developing postpartum psychosis and then severe postnatal depression. She tells the tales of being convinced that she was Cameron Diaz; that she and […]

When should you judge a book by its cover?

If you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, then what the hell should you judge it by? The blurb? The title? The author photograph? I know, I know – the saying is about not judging a person by their looks, but having a good cover can make or break a book. Or so I’ve […]

Subtitle, Subtitle my Kingdom for a Subtitle

I think my book, Day Six, needs a subtitle. And now I’ve done the research I’d say it is pretty much essential. A good subtitle can really sell a book, especially when the actual title isn’t that informative, like say Day Six. Paul McCarthy in his article Compelling Titles and Subtitles  says that the title […]


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