Day Six – picking a title

I have almost finished writing my book, Day Six. It is about the crazy things that have happened to me since having a baby and developing post partum psychosis, from thinking I was Cameron Diaz to experiencing what felt like regression back through time to become a chimpanzee. I have a publisher interested, they just need to wait and see the final draft before they give it the thumbs up/ thumbs down.

In the meantime I whiled away a few minutes finding out if there was a website already using the name Day Six. Google told me….

Day Six – a Dutch progressive symphonic rock/metal band. (
Day Six Bicycles – in Milford Michigan asking me to ‘Join The Comfort Bike Movement!(
Day Six Creative – a branding firm specialising in toys and gaming in McKinney Texas ( On Day Six – the Christian dating site ‘with Integrity and Style.’ (

Aint the inner net wonderful.

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  1. Well you have joined a great list of Day Sixes! Fingers crossed for a publishing opportunity. I think you are very brave to be so open about this experience. Lets hope it is helpful and comforting to others who find themselves in a similar position. Rachel

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