As instructed by those that know, I am starting a blog. I’ll be recording my thoughts, feelings and opinions and presenting them to a world, which is I’m sure, waiting with baited breath to hear what I’ve got to say for myself.

Why “stick it in your own eye?”? Well, according to my boyfriend I said this to him in the moments before sleep, soon after we had moved in together. He had just rolled over and pulled some of the duvet with him. It must have somehow got in my eye, as apparently I grabbed some of the duvet and shook it at him, saying, with some venom, “stick it in your own eye.”

It is now one of those code phrases couples have and we use it whenever it is needed, to defuse a row or to cheer one or other of us up after a tough day at work.

Having it as the title of my blog reminds me that I can say what ever I like, which is what I intend to do.

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