Amanda’s Story

One of the amazing things about writing Day Six is the number of people who have talked to me about their own experiences of mental illness; friends, work colleagues and in some cases complete strangers. I believe the more we share, the more the stigma around mental illness will be reduced.

I wanted to share the story of one of the people who have reached out to me, Amanda. (This is from a number of emails combined.)

‘Jen. I received Day Six today and have just finished it. I am crying. It was a very familiar scenario for me and my husband. What a marriage tester PPP/PPS.

Worst time of my life. Happened after my second child was six months old. I sometimes wonder how the kids (and hubby) and I survived it.

I hate that it happened to us but I am going to make sure that we ‘take’ all the good we can from an awful time.

My background is teaching (trained primary teacher) but find myself becoming passionate about this topic. I think this all needs to become more acceptable, talked about and more community education needed – your book needs to be in every bloomin bookshop.

I am so thankful for your courage in being completely honest about your mind during the PPP. My mind was so completely ‘in fairyland’ that I was admitted involuntary. I had no idea I was so sick and no idea what was wrong with me and initially why I was in hospital at all. This was three and a half years ago and I too found support from the acute care team, registrar psych, gp and psychologist. I continue to see a psychologist and psychiatrist and am planning to do an anxiety group therapy course this year. May our future hold lots of laughs and good times. We survived PPP and PND.’

Thanks for your positivity and for letting me share your story Amanda.

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  1. Rachel Wight · ·

    Touched that the experiences shared have such a positive outlook. Hopeful that the airing of these can cause ripples of support and understanding for others affected by this illness.

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