You never forget your first dime

I recently discovered that ‘to dime’ has another meaning in the Scandinavian world.

The Norwegian tells me that in the eighties when the Dime Bar’s ad came out, cinemas would be filled with tittering teenagers and mystified parents.

‘But Sven, it is just a chocolate bar…’

It means – how can I put this – bum sex.

Watch the ad again..


  1. That would be those Swedish advertising geniouses 🙂

  2. Perhaps there are many more rude suggestions in all the unpronouncible (to English-ians) furniture names at Ikea?I don’t really want to think about that idea too much as I look around and begin to wonder…

  3. Hello, I’ve been learning Norwegian recently. How about:”Jeg har got meg vil”or”Har du bra!”or”Jeg har rumpetrolle i rumpe”or”Jeg har ikke prompe”

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