Every now and again much joy and laughter is sprinkled on my relationship with the Norwegian when we jointly discover a word or phrase with an amusing translation.

A Cat nap is a hen’s blink for example.

The latest such titillation was finding out the kitchen implement used to lift a fried egg onto a slice of toast or flip a fish finger is called a ‘frying spade’ in Norwegian.

Stekespade pronounced Stair ke spa da

‘A spade! A frying spade. How sweet. I absolutely love it.’

The Norwegian laughs and asks.

‘So what do you call it then?’

‘A fish slice.’

He just smiles at me.

As Marcus Aurelius said, ‘Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.’


  1. The word spatula, known in English since 1525, is a diminutive form of the Latin term spatha, which means a broad sword (as in spatharius) or a flat piece of wood and is also the origin of the words spade (digging tool)English just as funny as Norwegian! Ha!

  2. The best thing my Norwegian has taught me so far is jeipe (sp?), the word for sticking your tongue out.I have somehow committed to getting a bunad, complete with dagger… which will probably be useful for fending off bears, elks and Nick.

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