Subtitle, Subtitle my Kingdom for a Subtitle

I think my book, Day Six, needs a subtitle. And now I’ve done the research I’d say it is pretty much essential. A good subtitle can really sell a book, especially when the actual title isn’t that informative, like say Day Six.

Paul McCarthy in his article Compelling Titles and Subtitles  says that the title and subtitle are the most important words that an author will write. No pressure then.

I thought I’d look around at other subtitles and see what sort of thing authors come up with. Here are two of my favourites…

One Good Turn: A Natural History of the Screwdriver and the Screw.
A good pun is so pleasing. You know this isn’t going to be a dry, scientificjargon riddled yawn-fest because of the use of humour in the pun and the words ‘Natural History.’ He could have gone for the workaday History of the Screwdriver and the Screw. I wonder how well that would have sold? 

How Many Camels Are There in Holland?: Dementia, Ma and Me.
Againthe wry humour is pleasing to the reader. Even though dementia is a devastating illness, the humour is gentle enough to still be respectful to the topic. This author is quirky and interesting, and has the strength of character to find the humour in difficult circumstances. You know this isn’t going to be a depressing read. It might even be uplifting. Also the ‘Ma and Me’ gives a relaxed informality and a feeling that the reader will be included in the inner workings of an interestingmother and daughter relationship.

But back to Day Six. Here are the options I’ve come up with so far. None of them jump out at me.

Day Six; of motherhood and madness (a bit to similar to Hill Billy Gothic)
Day Six; the story of one of the toughest start to motherhood there is
Day Six; through motherhood, madness, hell and back
Day Six; babies, bottles and madness
Day Six; tears and trials of a mentally ill mum
Day Six; my road through pyschosis, depression and motherhood
Day Six; from hallucinations to health with my newborn baby
Day Six; surviving becoming a mum and loosing my mind
Day Six; how I became a mother and lost my mind
Day Six; gaining a baby but losing my mind
Day Six; a story of birth, psychosis and depression
Day Six; how to survive birth, psychosis and depression
Day Six; baby plus me equals insanity
Day Six; when the baby blues go bad

What about changing the title?

Am I Cameron Diaz; when motherhood and madness collide
I’m going to cure cerebral palsy. With dental floss; becoming a mum and losing my mind
I can control dogs with my mind; my mind bending motherhood journey. 

Which do you like best? Do you have any other suggestions?

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