Ghost posts

Have you ever posted a status update on facebook and mysteriously got no likes? Not even from your other half, or your mate who likes almost all of your posts, or from anyone at all.

I used to think – ah well, not all my musings, photos and links to petitions to end domestic violence are of interest. I would post, wait, then sigh at the lack of interest, and move on with my life.

But recently I posted a picture of The Boy. It was really cute. And no one, NOT EVEN HIS DAD, liked it.

 That evening I asked The Norwegian what the frickin’ heck was wrong with him and what sort of father he thought he was if he didn’t like pictures of his own son, on his own wife’s goddamn facebook page? (Sometimes spending all day on your own is a bad thing. A REALLY bad thing). Startled, poised halfway to my cheek for a hello kiss, he replied, ‘What picture?’

Turns out it never came up on his news feed. Now I understand that the mighty facebook algorithm EdgeRank chooses which posts will come up on different people’s feeds, but usually my posts, especially photos, come up on The Norwegian’s feed.

Stranger still, when he looked at my timeline, he couldn’t find the photo. It doesn’t come up at all. When I look at my own time line it does, but not when he looks at it. Curiouser and curiouser.

So that beautiful moment with my son had to be shared with my husband the time-consuming old-fashioned way. By actually describing and talking, with actual spoken words and eye contact – the whole deal.



  1. I think this is caused by the ‘Facebook Frustration Engine’ which is cunningly designed to caused the most possible frustration by allowing you to see pictures of a friend’s friend’s dinner plates, but not the video of you own son’s first steps. It measures how hard you hit the keys on the keyboard and temperature increases in the room, to ensure you hit boiling point before serving you a message to stop smoking. It’s really quite clever.

  2. Sheelagh · ·

    I’m thinking there is a play to be written from this ……..something like the lost postcard!

  3. Rachel Wight · ·

    I have now collapsed in gloom, finally in my 69th year I have been left behind in the new technology race. I don’t tweet, blog or have a Facebook page, merely being an old email user. I don’t have a phone that does everything, including taking pictures and emailing them straight off. BUT I do have an iPad that I love a lot. Perhaps hope isn’t lost yet. So looking forward to being able to see The Boy using “the whole deal” to supplement the U Tube clips and Skype times.

    Rachel x

  4. It explains a lot. I’ve had siblings and friends say they haven’t seen things.

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