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Mamamia! Here we go again

I recently did a guest post on as part of post natal depression awareness week. What do you think?

Jesus Christ you dummy!

We’ve all been there. Using facebook when we’ve had one or two light sherbets. The next day you feel a tinge of embarrassment, but then you move on. Well one of the lesser known pitfalls for the psychotic woman in the twenty teens is the dangers of facebooking while hallucinating and delusional. In Week Six […]

The Hardest Year

The Hardest Year is the story of one of the roughest introductions to motherhood you can imagine. Jen Wight breaks the taboo around mental ill health to honestly recount her experience of developing postpartum psychosis and then severe postnatal depression. She tells the tales of being convinced that she was Cameron Diaz; that she and […]