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Between 30 Rock and a hard place

I was shocked and horrified to hear on Radio National the other night that the wonderful and marvellous 30 Rock’s finale show was being pitted against The Big Bang Theory, and that it might not win. The thought of anybody preferring BBT to 30R makes me thing some people just aint wired right. How you […]

Goodbye Bump

Goodbye Bump Goodbye reflux,Goodbye indigestion,Goodbye heartburn, my old friend.Goodbye hot-foot syndrome, kicks to the colon and river-dancing on my spleen.Goodbye sciatica, sore tail-bone and needing three pillows to sleep. Goodbye dizzy head-rush, neck pulsing, strangulation by neck muscles feeling.Goodbye racing pulse and less breath than breathlessness,Goodbye bursting bladder, constipation blocked diarrhoea.Goodbye not being able to […]

I will hunt you down

A particular song currently being played on the radio has weaselled its catchy little way into my brain – Maria Carey in a a fluffy number called Touch my Body. It presents the usual gubbins R&B lyrics… ‘I’ll treat you like a teddy bear, you won’t wanna go nowhere’‘I want you to caress me, like […]

well I’ll be dogone

So I wait on the platform. By some miraculous chance, the train that pulls up is not too crowded and I even see – the holy grail of the rush hour traveller – AN EMPTY SEAT. I imagine the gods of the underground – a spiteful, immature bunch – have their attention elsewhere, the circle […]

thinking outside the box

Yesterday the blessed council replaced our stolen recycling bin. Why someone would steal one when they are so readily available is beyond me. I mean it only took us five emails and two months to get ours replaced. (deep breaths, calm, calm) So I woke from my stuffed nose slumbers to find a bewildered Irish […]