Goodbye Bump

Goodbye Bump

Goodbye reflux,
Goodbye indigestion,
Goodbye heartburn, my old friend.
Goodbye hot-foot syndrome, kicks to the colon and river-dancing on my spleen.
Goodbye sciatica, sore tail-bone and needing three pillows to sleep.

Goodbye dizzy head-rush, neck pulsing, strangulation by neck muscles feeling.
Goodbye racing pulse and less breath than breathlessness,
Goodbye bursting bladder, constipation blocked diarrhoea.
Goodbye not being able to sit up, roll over or stand up with ease.

Goodbye ‘Twins?’, ‘God you are huge!’ and ‘When’s your due date?’
Goodbye mood swings, and tearful moments
Goodbye always being hotter than everyone else and needing to sit down all the time
Goodbye painful pubic bone and random twangs or twings
Goodbye bump, hello feet, hello ankles.

Goodbye bump?

Goodbye holding you close everyday, all day.
Goodbye guessing which bit of you that is?
Goodbye your kicking freaking out the Norwegian.
Goodbye bump.
Hello baby.
Hello Boy.

Written the night before I had Lukas when we didn’t know what his name was going to be.

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  1. Hello Lovely Lille Lukas 🙂

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