Any book, any time

I’ve tried it and it works. All you do is type the name of the book you want, into the library request section of the intranet and if our library doesn’t have it, they will arrange a loan from the British Library.
So added to the bliss of being here, in Cornwall, and doing this, learning about writing, I now have access to EVERY SINGLE book ever written.
Which book would you want to read, given the British Library to plunder?
I am working my way through a long list of books that I have always wanted to read (or felt I should). This list grows by the day, as almost every lecturer we have, recommends some book or other as a good example of this or that.
And what’s best is that reading is actually part of my course. Spending a lazy Sunday in the pub reading a novel is WORK. Granted I now have to read “critically” but Ha ha ha I’m in heaven.
Within a week my book request set off a domino of events. I imagined a pale librarian deep in the filing system at the BL, shelves deep underground receiving my request. He would then push a ladder on wheels along the endless shelves until he gets to On Black Hill.
It is a recommended read from Rule of Thumb as an example of the successful use of omniscience. I have been asked by the book to read it and feel “the lively, even colloquial presence of the story teller.”
I’ll have a read and let you know.

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