All the Gest

I was watching I’m a celebrity get me out of here last night. I know I know, I’m meant to be a writer; I’m meant to be filling my brain with high fal-ut-ing literature of the highest calibre and shunning the flickering box, but I’d had a journey from hell coming back from London on Tuesday and I just needed to switch off, eat curry and drink beer.

But now I am totally hooked, mainly because of David Gest. I only know David as the 6th or 16th husband of Liza Minnelli – was he famous before? Anyway he comes off really badly in the press, who just hate him. I had assumed that because he had made himself look so hideous via the magic of plastic surgery that he would be shallow, mean and generally an idiot.

But he is actually coming across really well (or as well as a person can come across on these types of programs) in the Jungle. He seems like he has a cracking sense of humour, he seems open, quirky, interesting and even quite brave. He will endure much to get his hands on a cupcake. Far better than Cherrie’s half sister, that wet sock of a woman, Lauren Booth.

It got me thinking, I would be ashamed to my pinko liberal roots if I prejudged someone because of their colour, race, or on a more superficial level if they had a big nose or loads of spots. So why had I, and I suspect most of the Heat reading world judged Gest so harshly? Was it really just because he looks strange? It just opened my eyes, that’s all, maybe I am not as open minded as I thought I was.

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