Good news

The passport arrived at 11 yesterday – phew – I nearly kissed the postie. So after an afternoon relieved packing and tidying, we got the flight to Oslo and are now happily tucked into boyfriends parents place, over looking the river in Fredrikstad. Fredrikstad is sort of the Brighton of Norway. Without the gay people.

We have been enjoying;

Gløgg – spicy ribena, you can have it with brandy or just water.
Lefse – square floppy potato pancake
Sylte – like a fragrant pork pie without the pastry and scary see-through jelly stuff
Fredrikstad Pils – local beer

You put a slice of Sylte inside the Lefse, pour a little white wine vinegar and a touch of black pepper and then roll in up and stuff it in your mouth. Delicious.

The brother’s wedding tomorrow. I’ve been to a Norwegian/Danish wedding in Italy, a Norwegian/Welsh wedding in London but not a Norwegian/Norwegian wedding in Norway. Can’t wait!

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