A car by any other name is still a car

A car advert caught my attention on TV last night. The new Ford Fiesta Zetec Climate.

I thought this is a most interesting choice given that climate change is big news and most people are aware to avoid catastrophic climate change we need to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions.

One way to do this is to drive less. So I wondered what Ford were thinking…

I was wondering about this quite a lot and thought I would give them a ring on their customer information number (08457 111 888.)

The bright young soul on the other end told me why the Ford Fiesta Zetec Climate is so named.

‘It is the normal Ford Fiesta but it comes with the Climate package. That is why it is called Climate.’


‘And what is the Climate package?’

‘It comes with auto-lights that come on when it gets dark and auto-wipers that come on when it rains.’

‘I see, I thought it might have been an eco-friendly car, as it was called Climate.’

‘And it has rear and front fog lights.’

‘Don’t most cars have that?’

‘Not all models.’

‘But it is nothing to do with Climate change?’

‘Er no.’

So there we have it.

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