May I take your jacket sir?

So the MA works looms ahead, I have made a few darting nervous forays, nibbling at the edges, doing a bit of that, and a bit of this, not making much progress with anything.

It is the classic mistake, I know I need to break it down into manageable chunks but I keep thinking well that will affect that, so I need to do this before that and then…

Today felt like a bit of a break through though, as I, with the help of my lovely course mate, did a mock up of my book jacket. Made it feel a bit more real and wow, like it might actually happen. I wonder how much it will change by the end of the course?


  1. The jacket rocks! If everybody would only judge the book by it’s cover…

  2. I’ve finally got round to checking people’s blogs, and it made me giggle looking up the blog about the dryness of a Vagina book.I think we’ve managed to be quite grown up.

  3. Thanks Guys.

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