Facebook.com; the answer to america’s gun problem

I’ve been thinking about the guy who shot all those people at Virginia Tech.

Loner, that is how he is being described.

I know I’m a bleeding heart, dyed in the wool, liberal, pinko, guardian reading twat in many ways. I also know that what that man did what he did alone and if he were alive I would want him to face up to the consequences of his actions.

But surely to avoid violence and terror like this in the future the NRA has to sit down and have a quiet word with itself. Does the free access to guns, including semi-automatics, (which thank god we don’t have in the UK) and the culture of violence towards women (which unfortunately we do) have nothing to do with the terrible tragedy that occurred a few days ago.

So he was a loner was he? People with friends don’t do terrible stuff like that. Perhaps Charlton Hestonites in the NRA wouldn’t mind if the gun laws were amended so that you could only get a gun if you have at least 10 friends on www.facebook.com

One comment

  1. Alas, the NRA automatically becomes ridiculously defensive at times like this.I don’t see why they seem to think that gun control means a ban on firearms.

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