wake walking

This whole week I have been trying to be really disciplined and get into the mode of working 9 to 5 (what a way to make a living) but the distractions are just too numerous.

The three main culprits are:

– Youtube.com – curse your metal body. The whole internet is pretty frickin distracting. My friend Jon showed me a funny cartoon about this very situation (Jon where did you get that cartoon?)

– Daydreaming – I suppose this isn’t too bad as to write one must dream or somesuch bullshit.

– wake walking – I have only just realised I do this. A few minutes ago I was working on research for chapter 4 and then a blank and then I found myself in my bedroom fiddling with the things on my dresser. I think I do this about four times a day. Just jumping up FOR NO REASON. Sometimes I trick myself into thinking OH I’ve got up to use to loo or to make a cup of tea.

Perhaps I have ants in my pants?


  1. You mean this cartoon?It’s scary how compelling the internet is. And just think — it’s only going to get worse as more writing and movies and games get put on the internet. Soon I’ll be staying online 24-hours-a-day so as not to miss anything.I find myself wakewalking when there’s a task I really need to do that I really don’t want to do. I drink a lot of water: “Oh, I’m thirsty — I shall get water.” “Oh, before I start typing, I’ll just have a sip of water.” ad infinitum

  2. I name my main issue ‘The Sydney Harbour Bridge Problem’ in tribute to the landmark that takes so long to re-paint, it’s time to start again once finished.The problem I’ve developed is that I now have enough different things that need checking (email, facebook, notice board, blog) that by the time I’ve got to the end of the list, it seems possible that maybe I’ve missed a new message on the first thing I’ve checked, and so the circle starts again…

  3. Louise Cooper called the walking-about-while-thinking-about-writing thing, ‘vaguing’ – bit like ‘voguing’ I guess, without the catwalk? I do it too.

  4. I do wake-‘alt-tab’ing. Just as disruptive and without the excercise of walking around the place…

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