More pillow talk

The Norwegian has informed me of another bit of sleeping/talk/nonsense I came out with last night.

I was well on the way to sleep and he came in and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I jumped and said in a bitter and accusatory tone,

‘I thought it was an umbrella.’

This made sense. His stubble can almost be as prickly as the spokes of an umbrella. Almost.

Then in my sleep befuddled state I realised I was telling him off for kissing me good night which didn’t seem right. So I thought I would offer a logical alternative option for kissing when he hadn’t shaved. I’m nice like that.

‘Next time, kiss me with the soft of your bottom,’ I said and swiftly rejoined the pillow.


  1. I could read a blog just of posts such as these, I enjoy them so much. I’ve told a few people about “Happy fucking birthday”.

  2. I laugh everytime I think about it. And also everytime I imagine K trying to follow my instructions. If only there was some way to access that part of your brain without being asleep. Oh hold on – LSD.I did think you might like it. HFB is indeed a classic.Have you had any more since Kittygate?

  3. There a level of trust in that compromise that I don’t think I’ve ever had with another human being.I just wanted to write and make sure you were all right. Hearing the horror stories surrounding the fires in Australia, I was concerned. i hope you’re safe and confusing people in your sleep!

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