A rose by any other title…

I’ve been playing with the Lulu title tester.

Type in the title of your book to be and the tester will calculate the percentage chance you have of your tome being a best seller. That is if you finish writing it, get accepted by an agent, get it accepted by a publisher…

Anyway, the first stumbling block for a Hackney comprehensive educated girl such as myself is the series of questions they ask after you have keyed in the title.

Figurative or Literal? OK I get this. To Kill A Mocking Bird vs The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. But then the next question asks…

‘Title grammar type is a’ with a drop down of many options including ‘possessive case with noun’ and ‘noun modified by verb or place.’ Somebody pass me the Valium.

Do I need to know these things to be a writer? Should I admit that I don’t?

My book, Hard Very Severe, came out as 63.7% chance of being a bestselling title, so I’m off to the bookies, though The Bible scored 35.9% and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory scrapped 14.6%. Though they do say, ‘the Lulu Titlescorer should, in practice, always be combined with use of your own low-tech judgement.’



  1. Sex Sex Sex scores 63.7% as a ‘Figurative’ title, but only 35.9% if ‘Literal’. What does that mean? Sex only sells if it’s symbolic? (BTW, No comments on my choice of title please. It was a random choice of word, or somethin.)

  2. I wonder if symbolic sex is any good?

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