Wailing Car Park

The other week I went to our local mall, Stocklands Balgowlah. They have a barrier at the entrance and a little machine that gives you a ticket if you ask nicely (and press the button). The machine has a mini digital screen that usually asks you to ‘PRESS THE BUTTON’ or ‘PLEASE WAIT.’

But yesterday the car park gods had struck and the display was malfunctioning. It said ‘PLEASE WAIL.’

I was having one of those days and imagined letting my head fall back, my mouth swing open and a allowing huge despairing wail to come out of me. But I didn’t do it. There was someone behind me queue to get in. There was someone to my left at the other barrier. There was the part of me that worries and flicks nervous glances to see what other people think.

Next time I thought. Next time.

One comment

  1. This is so funny, just captures the mood I sometimes have on similar days. Jim and I have dined out on the wailing car park over the last week and it has caused much amusement!Rachel

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