A few of my favourite things…

I took The Boy to Nandos for lunch last week. Try not to judge me too much. There is plenty of space between the tables, enough noise to drown out any bullshit and a not-bad children’s menu.
They have this colouring in thing – quite good and very clever as they get their brand imprinted early on his soft little brain.
It has this little list – asking name, age, favourite food ‘BROCOLLI’ and hobbies – so I asked The Boy.
‘What are your hobbies?’
*active blank face*
‘You know, the things you like doing.’
‘Marble Run.’
‘Yes, you do like that.’
‘Train tracks. TRAIN TRACKKKKKsss’
‘Indeed. And…’
‘Mote control car.’
‘What about reading? You like reading.’
‘Mote. Control. CAR!’
‘Painting…. you like.’
‘I got it.’
Later over dinner, I asked him what he thought my hobbies were.
*more active blank face*
‘You know, like when we had lunch, we wrote down your hobbies, what are my things I like doing.’
‘I don’t know.’
‘How about you guess.’
He puts his index finger to his lips and looks sideways
‘yes I do like that.’
‘Yes! I like dancing. I like dancing with you.’
‘I like dancing. On own.’
‘more of a solo artist then.’
‘but you watch.’


  1. Nana Winnem · ·

    Priceless. Loved this. More conversations please! And even more marbles??

  2. Ha ha ha!!! Classic.

  3. Love it. Can see the passion about the car and the facial expressions. Looking forward to reading more x x

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