Ding Dong

Blimey, it is only gone and turned into December out there. As in, deck the halls, drink yourself into a coma, eat till your kidney’s implode, it’s bleedin Christmas in a few weeks.

So approaches the festive season as a student, with minus in the bank account. As I’ve worked in the Charity sector for the last blah years, I’ve never been rolling in it, but this will be the first christmas in ages where I will be really watching the pennies. I wonder how it is going to be? I have planned a headache inducing amount of home made presents, aren’t my friends and family going to love me.

It is going to be strange being back in London with no money coming in. It works ok down here cos we are all in the same, poverty ridden boat. Ah student life. But when I’m home, back in London, I’ll be meeting up with people, going for drinks, and them drinks are going to be at London prices, rather than friendly ole Cornwall prices.

Solution – drink less. It’s radical but I am going to try it.

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