Wishing you both the best of luck

Was listening to Radio One the other day. There was a competition, a radio phone in, with two contestants. The DJ, Sarah Cox, said, ‘Best of luck to you both.’

And I’ve been thinking about it ever since. It is something you hear quite a lot, on game shows, Pop Idol and IACGMOFH. But how can the presenter or the DJ or whoever wish all the contestants luck.

If you dont believe in luck, it could be just a nice thing to say to nervous people. A way of saying, ‘I dont have favourites.’

But if you do believe in luck, believe it is a real force in the world that affects the outcome of competitions, job interviews, bets, then surely it is impossible to wish all contestants luck. If you wished them all the same amount of luck then it cancels itself out.

There is no point in saying it. Revelation – a Radio DJ says something that has no point – whatever next.

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