Lying on a pancake cloud in blueberry heaven

The last two days we have both worked all day. We work away on our laptops’, Kai in his room, me at the table in the sitting room. Come twelve I am starving so I make lunch. These last two days we have had blueberry pancakes for afters. Pudding for a working lunch, I know, I know, but is it Christmas. I think Kai likes having me home.

The blueberries are chucked in to the pan a few seconds after the ladleful of batter spreads as far as it is going to go and has a slightly crispy light brown bottom. They are ½ inch thick American style pancakes, but the blueberries are extra large, so they stick up out of the batter like plump blue children swimming in a doughy lake.

Then when the bottom has turned a golden brown, and the top of the pancake is pockmarked with a few crumpet-like holes, I flip it over.

The blueberries are still sticking out a bit, so they make the pancake uneven for a few seconds until they cook down. The sticky juices of the berries melt into the batter and form midnight blue crusts in the toffee coloured swirls of the pancake.

And then as the last of the sizzling butter is sucked up into the batter, I flip it onto a plate, pour a generous golden glug of maple syrup and serve with Greek yoghurt and more fresh blueberries.

When you bite into the blueberries in the pancake, the sweet jam like juice squirt into your mouth mingling with the maple syrup.


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