Happy new Tuesday

Is today officially the most depressing day of the year? Feels like it. I remember last year, they announced that the 24th of Jan was scientifically calculated to be the unhappiest day of the year. Something to do with the year’s longest gap between pay days and shitty weather. But I must say, today feels pretty gloomy to me. The fun of Christmas and New Year is over, and most people are public transporting their pale faces to work.

Christmas? Stressful you say? What? It was all tinsel twinkled, mulled sage and onion happiness. Wasn’t it?

But anyway, I may not be having to struggle to work, but I am seated at my worktable tapping away at my lap top, trying to make in-roads into my longest ever story. One of the assignments due in next week is a twelve page story which sticks to a set formula laid out by our lecturer. My fiction tends to err on the flash side of things, ie short. I’ve never written such a long story.

I have the structure written up on a piece of paper on the wall, I have a rough outline of what is going to happen in each section, and now I just need to go and gosh darn write the damn thing.

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