A can poo attitude

It’s me. I’m back. Sorry for the break in communications. The summer has blinked by, MA done and dusted, my year in Cornwall is over and I’m back in London.

Yesterday I went for a walk to the shops, smiling at the bustle and hustle of people. The sun was shinning and I thought, maybe, just maybe it wont be so bad being back. As long as I make sure we get out of London, slicing the weekend off the week – pulling the days out of London and pushing them in the sand in Llangenth or Woolacombe?

On the way back I saw a Tennants Extra can glinting in the sunlight on the pavement. Not to strange a sight in the litter strewn streets of London. What did make it stand out was that there was a small cat poo drapped over it. Was the cat bored? Did it wish to set itself an extra challenge that day? Was it trying to make a comment on the contents of the can, a kind of catty review?

Maybe it just had a can poo attitude.


  1. Yay! You’ve started blogging again. That is archetypal cat behaviour, somehow – very funny.

  2. Hia, good to have you back blogging. And even though you’re back in London I hope we can keep in contact. It was great to meet such lovely friends on the course. Take it easy in London and good luck with the writing.

  3. Te he – made I laugh..I wonder if there are specific beer type cats – did that one choose Tennants over Stella for instance? And do country cats poo on cider?Tink, I presume would choose a bottle of vodka…

  4. Ah, the many mysteries of city life! Good to know you are settling back in with some ease; long may it continue. Didn’t the summer just blink by, indeed? We must have been doing some work!

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